Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University is one of the most famous medical universities in Ukraine. It was founded in 1900 as the Medical Faculty of the Novorossiysk University. In 1922 the faculty was reformed in the independent higher educational establishment - Odessa National Medical University, which became a leading medical university in the south of Ukraine. Odessa National Medical University is the first university of Ukraine which started medical education in English medium in 1996. In 2005, OSMU was awarded a medal for the development of a modern model for teaching the English speaking students by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Presently, Odessa National Medical University is a part of Bologna process, which makes it one of the best medical universities in Ukraine, with the highest level of accreditation. The University is an honorary member of International European Association of the Universities. OSMU is the only university of Ukraine, which is a member of MEDICINE (Medical Education IN Europe). The educational level of the University complaints with global standards and degree obtained at the University is recognized by MCI and WHO. Since 1946 the OSMU has trained over 7,000 international students. Currently, more than 1300 international students from 52 different countries are studying at the University. The teaching staff of the University includes 106 Doctors of Science, 410 Candidates of Science, 20 Members of Academy of Science, and 40 Honored Doctors.

The university located in a special city, which called “Pearl of the Black Sea” – Odessa. It is an important port and the biggest city in the south part of Ukraine at the Black Sea coast. Odessa's mild climate, warm waters, and sunny beaches attract thousands of people all around the year. Odessa amazes its visitors by beautiful architecture, miracle nature, rich culture life and variety of inimitable cafes and restaurants. International students, who choose to study in Odessa medical university, will not only gain perfect medical knowledge but enjoy many-sided and wonderful student life.


  • International students have the opportunity to use high-quality and modern information services, new student library, modern books that are written by professors of the University and published in OSMU.
  • Academic staff of the University always create friendly confidence, good conditions for studying and relax. The university has all facilities for active student life.
  • There are six sports halls at the university sport complex: for sports games, table tennis, aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics, shaping-up, gym and track-and-field hall. There are several sport leagues: athletics, basketball, handball, tennis, power-lifting, weight sports, swimming, fencing, indoor soccer, judo, sambo, chess. Hostels provide students with sports grounds and gyms. The students’ sports and fitness complex is situated on the territory of Lustdorf at the Black Sea coast.


  • MBBS (General Medicine, MD) in English medium language. Length of the program is 6 years.
  • Dentistry (Bachelor of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Medicine, BDS) - 5 years of studying
  • Pharmacy (Doctor of Pharmacy) - 5 years of studying
  • Premedical department - 1 year of studying.

The premedical course is a great opportunity for international applicants who didn’t come to the 1st course on time; who wants to prepare for the first pre-clinical years, adapt to the local culture and traditions; learn the Russian language. During the preparatory course, students get the necessary medical knowledge and basic skills in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, which will help them in future studies. The University warmly welcomes international students to join medical courses (MBBS, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Premedical course) and get a prestigious medical degree, which is recognized all over the world!