Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe and is considered the 32nd most populous country in the world. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and Studying medicine in Ukraine universities is truly a rewarding investment of time and financial resources for career acquisition. Although little known to many, Ukraine has the best medical universities. Most of them are a continuation of the foundations laid during the Soviet era. Those foundations have been greatly improved upon, integrating new developments in medical technology. Studying Medicine in Ukraine guarantees a learning process that combines practical teaching with underlying theories and recent medical developments. Every medical university has more than 10 to 20 government hospitals for practical training and internships. All the Ukrainian hospitals have the most advanced European-standard medical instruments and also lots of patient bedsMost of the medical universities send their students in other European countries to get training during summers. The first and 2nd-year students visit hospitals in Germany and Spain for their future training.


  • The low-cost fee structure for MBBS
  • The simplified admission process without any entrance test and donation
  • High-quality teaching with English taut MBBS program in Ukraine
  • Cost of living is extremely low


The education system in Ukraine is older than 75 years and mostly the course is taught in the English language. There are many top universities in Ukraine for MBBS and too many students have completed the degree and came back to India after pursuing their degree. Those students have got placed in many esteemed medical universities in India. Ukraine universities have a low fee structure and highly professional teaching. The advantage is that Indian students can get an MBBS degree with no donation and entrance.


There are some important things which you need to carry for studying in Ukraine. It will help you to stay & Study there without any hassle.

  • Passport and study visa
  • Travel/Medical insurance
  • Any medication you take regularly
  • Your birth certificate
  • All important academic qualification's Documents
  • An international driver’s license or permit
  • Avoid oversize and overweight baggage & Check baggage allowance with your airline.